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Musou Black Paint.

From Japan, the blackest paint in the world.

This water-based acrylic paint that can easily be applied by air-brush or paint-brush. Achieving an overwhelming blackness has never been easier!

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General black acrylic paints absorb up to 94-98% of visible light, however, Musou Black absorbs up to 99.4% of visible light.

This water-based acrylic paint can easily be applied by air-brush or paint-brush.

In order to achieve the best result, we strongly recommend to apply Musou Black paint using an air-brush.

By applying multiple thin layers of powder coatings with an airbrush,

you can achieve a blackness that will absorb up to 99.4% of light.

Even when painted with a paint-brush, Musou Black maintains the highest class light absorption rate of 98.8%.

Musou Black offers industry-leading concealment, and low reflection performance yet has a much lower viscosity than general acrylic paints.

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Musou Black Paint SDS (safety Data Sheet)
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